National representative research
April 2004

The study of the public attitudes towards the European Union of April 2002 shows that the support for our accession to EU continues to be stably high:
- 72% of the adult population of the country are of the opinion that Bulgaria has no future outside the European Union.
- 66 per cent would vote for our accession to EU, if a referendum on this issue was to be held at this moment.
- 62% think that the membership would bring to Bulgaria more benefits than restrictions.
- 70% express the wish Bulgaria to be to the greatest extent like the European states.

In parallel with the maintained prevalently positive attitude towards the Union, certain tensions towards the process of Eurointegration are also being observed among the Bulgarian society. They are underlain by the gradual realization of the specific commitments, which our country has to make as a result of the membership. As a result we observe changes in the attitude towards EU accession in the following aspects:
- The share of citizens who think that EU accession would bring more restrictions than benefits is increasing (from 24% to 31% for the last six months).
- The opinion that EU is conducting the negotiations with Bulgaria not on the basis of equals, but from the position of the stronger is losing its weight, while the share of the Bulgarians that take it as a process between equals is increasing.

I.å., we observe (even though not so clearly evident yet) an increase of the awareness of the Eurointegration process. That on its turn is reflected on the attitudes towards EU and Bulgaria’s membership therein.

If a referendum for Bulgaria’s membership in EU is to be held next Sunday how will you vote?

What is best for Bulgaria?

To which group of countries is Bulgaria closest and which country would you like it to be like?

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