Tourism brings Bulgaria closer to the European Union

“If Prague is passe, what’s Europe’s new cutting-edge destination?” mused the Washington Post? Answer: Sofia
The Washington Post
20 Hot destinations in 2004

...When the goods, distributed by God were running out – the turn of Bulgaria came too as a smaller country. In order not to injure it, He gave it a bit of everything – sea, mountains, forests, mineral springs, four seasons. The beautiful Bulgarian nature became one of the greatest national wealth. With the years it has left its mark on the people too and they have become beautiful like it, but at the same time tenacious and hardworking …

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The Bulgarian tourist product is competitive on the European markets Interview with Dimitar Hadjinikolov – Deputy Minister of Economy Tourism has registered extraordinary growth of 18% last year, its share of GDP is around 13%, investment in this sector is considerable. How would you comment these data and what is the importance of tourism for the development of economy?
EBRD gives EUR 41 million to finance small and medium-sized enterprises 19 April 2004 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Board of Directors approved additional financing for the small and medium-sized enterprises sector to the amount of EUR 41 million
A national network for exchange of information to protect intellectual and industrial property will be built in Bulgaria under a PHARE Program project 19 April 2004 The Customs Agency, the Ministries of Interior, of Justice and of Culture, as well as the Patent Office will take part in the implementation of the PHARE Program project

Public Opinion
Optimistic expectations for business development in 2004
ALPHA RESEARCH Sociological Agency
The analysis of the current macroeconomic indicators shows positive trends in the economic development of the country as a whole – an economic growth of 4%, growth of foreign direct investment, growth of consumption. At the same time at the end of the year certain unfavorable changes also became known, such as the slight increase of inflation and unemployment, the negative trade balance, etc.

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The EU Financial Package for Bulgaria - Roumen Borissov Executive Director of the Agency for Economic Analyses and Forecasting : On 10 February the European Commission made its first proposal to Romania and Bulgaria, pertaining to the financial aspects of the accession. Undoubtedly the proposal is treating Bulgaria in compliance with the principles adopted for the other acceding countries, while at the same time taking into account the specificity of our development.