The EU Financial Package for Bulgaria
Roumen Borissov
Executive Director of the Agency for Economic Analyses and Forecasting

On 10 February the European Commission made its first proposal to Romania and Bulgaria, pertaining to the financial aspects of the accession. Undoubtedly the proposal is treating Bulgaria in compliance with the principles adopted for the other acceding countries, while at the same time taking into account the specificity of our development. Both countries receive more than what has been allocated to each and any of the ten acceding countries – the total support to be received by Bulgaria as a percentage of the expected country’s gross domestic product exceeds 6%, Romania is to receive

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Public Opinion
The European labor market conditions are perceived as more attractive than the Bulgarian ones. The advantages are in all the aspects of the labor environment: actual conditions at work /better in EU – 47 % against better in Bulgaria – 28 %/interesting job /more interesting in EU – 40 % against 35 % in Bulgaria /remuneration /better in EU – 44 %, better in Bulgaria according to 38 %/

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