- an important step towards accession to the EU

On 24 September 2003, with consensus, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted the amendments to the country’s constitution, relating to immunity, irremovability and mandate of members of the judiciary. All 230 MPs, present in plenary, voted in favour of the proposed amendments creating thus the basis for true reform of the judicial system.

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The European Commission supports Bulgaria to the conclusion of the accession negotiations before the end of 2004 27.11.2003

Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha met the EC President, Romano Prodi on November 27 in Brussels. They discussed this year Strategy Paper and the 2003 Regular Report on Bulgaria’s progress towards accession. The Prime Minister underlined the expectations of the Bulgarian side from

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In the future membership of Bulgaria in the European
Union, in your opinion, what prevails :advantages or

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