Right to land acquisition in Bulgaria by aliens – a prerequisite for our country’s EU membership

The removal of the prohibition on the acquisition of ownership over land by aliens and foreign legal entities is one of the six mandatory amendments to the Constitution that Bulgaria has to make in relation to EU membership and the ratification of the Treaty of Accession. This will make us party to the principles of United Europe, which we strive for, it will encourage land market development and will create more favorable conditions for attraction of more and more foreign investors.

The rules valid for the European Union, should be valid for Bulgaria too - interview with Velislav Velichkov,
Expert to the National Assembly Ad-Hoc Committee on Amendments to the Constitution, Chairman of Association “Public Project for European Constitution” (BNR, “Horizont”):
How will you comment the forthcoming amendments to the Constitution in respect of the option aliens to acquire title over land in Bulgaria? This is one of the six mandatory amendments that have to be made to our Constitution in relation to

Foreign Minister Solomon Passy Attends IGC Session in Brussels 18.05. 2004 Bulgaria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs attended the Inter-governmental Conference held on May 17 and 18, 2004, in Brussels. The conference was dedicated to the future EU
Minister Kuneva Adamant that Bulgaria Will Close the “Regional Policy” and “Budget and Finance Issues” Chapters in Early June 17.05.2004 Bulgaria’s Minister on European Affairs, Meglena Kuneva, expressed her confidence that Bulgaria will close by early June

Public Opinion

National representative research
April 2004

The study of the public attitudes towards the European Union of April 2002 shows that the support for our accession to EU continues to be stably high:
- 72% of the adult population of the country are of the opinion that Bulgaria has no future outside the European Union.
- 66 per cent would vote for our accession to EU, if a referendum on this issue was to be held at this moment.

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